Graded Washing Machines Explained
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Why Choose a Graded Washing Machine


At Ruislip Appliances, we buy our graded washing machines direct from the manufacturers, and we pass the savings on to you. Some units are graded because they were not working on delivery; others may have sustained damage to the packaging within the manufacturer's supply chain. Some may simply have been delivered incorrectly, and in many cases, it can be hard to distinguish a graded stock item from a perfect one.

Will a Graded Washing Machine look OK?


Of course you want your home to look its best, which means the appearance of your appliances is important. But you also need them to work reliably as well: and ultimately, you buy a washing machine to wash your clothes properly. If how well it does its job is more important to you than the odd scratch or dent, then a graded washing machine may be the right choice - especially when you consider the substantial savings you can make compared to the normal list price. We grade each machine individually, and describe any cosmetic imperfections accurately and fairly. That way, you know exactly what you are buying - and how much you are saving. And of course many superficial imperfections may not even be visible once the unit is installed in your home.

Will a Graded Washing Machine work OK?


We put all our graded washing machines through a rigorous quality control programme in our workshops. This identifies any technical faults, which we put right so the machine functions like new. So before we offer any unit for sale, we satisfy ourselves that it will do exactly what it supposed to do, which is wash your clothes as clean as the manufacturer designed it to.

Manufacturer's Warranty Complete Peace of Mind


You also get complete peace of mind when you buy a graded washing machine from us. This is because its functionality is still covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. So if the machine should break down during the warranty period, you are just as well protected as if you had bought a new one.

Graded Levels Explained

These are the grades we use: each item is individually graded, and priced accordingly, so you can decide exactly what you are willing to pay for.


Grade 1 Products

Item is perfect and as new. The item will not be in its original box, but will be securely wrapped.

View a Grade 1 example video

Grade 2 Products

Item has a small cosmetic mark on the sides or lid; or hairline marks or scratches on the front or fascia. The item will not be in original packaging but will be securely wrapped.

View a Grade 2 example video

Grade 3 Products

Item has visible marks on the front, sides and top. The item will not be in original packaging but will be securely wrapped.

View a Grade 3 example video

Grade 4 Products

Item has larger visible marks all over and will be noticeable. The item will not be in original packaging but will be securely wrapped.

View a Grade 4 example video