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Highlights of Miele Coffee Machines

C Touch

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Miele's C Touch display with self-explanatory text makes sure operation is easy and intuitive with just a few touches of the finger.

OneTouch for Two

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The OneTouch for Two function allows you to make two delicious coffee specialities at the same time by simply touching a button.

Aromatic System

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The brew chamber of Miele coffee machines expands when water flows in so that the coffee aroma can unfold even better.


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Access to the removable water container as well as the drip tray and waste container when you swing open the whole front.


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Many of the coffee machine parts, such as the water container and waste container, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.


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The sensor recognises the height of the cup and positions the spout to avoid splattering and achieve the best possible crema.